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Brand Strategy and Market Research

Since 2014, my column in Backstage Magazine has helped entertainers maximize their marketing efforts through cost effective tips.  

I enjoy helping others attain their goals through marketing, whether you have a brand or are the brand, I’m happy to help strategize a route to success. 

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what My clients say about us

"Garrett is a visionary when it comes to client messaging. He’s modern and thought-provoking with his imagery and branding strategies..."
"Garrett's service surpassed my expectations and I recommend him to everyone!"
Courtney Sixx
"He is very professional, friendly, and goes out of his way to ensure you are happy with the final product."
Dr. Babak Dadvand
Plastic Surgeon
"Garrett is a true angelic light in this entertainment industry. If you are lucky enough to meet him, you will be blessed to have him as part of your team."
Kelly K
CEO, Kelly K PR

The marketing spectrum

Whether you’re a small indie brand or a top Fortune 500 corporation, I’ve customized marketing strategies across a variety of verticals.

Marketing is dynamic, maintaining a key understanding of your audience and tailoring a campaign with KPIs is where I see the most success.

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Marketing insight and hacks

How I work



We'll evaluate your goals, budget, expectations, and KPIs



If the proposed services and completion timeline aligns with you, we'll begin the project(s)



We'll meet and discuss how the project is performing. while focusing on maximal impact.
Note: guaranteed media placement may take +- 3 to 7 days

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